Nature’s Field Mega Calcium: For Strong Bones




Nature’s Field Mega Calcium is a natural supplement which is scientifically formulated, it promotes a healthy bones and provides your body with daily amount of Calcium, and other minerals which include magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium , and manganese, which help supports a healthy bone density.

How Does Nature’s Field Mega Calcium Works?

Nature’s Field Mega Calcium gives your body the necessary vitamins. Your bones, muscles, joints and teeth need to be healthy and maintained. This mega calcium will be stored in your bones and teeth more than 99% when consumed.

If your bones and teeth are not properly taken care of, they will result to bones becoming fragile and can easily break. Therefore, Your body needs calcium to build strong bones, joints and muscles.

Health Benefits of Nature’s Field Mega Calcium

  • Nature’s field mega calcium helps to maintain a healthy bones
  • It slows down bone density loss.
  • Mega calcium helps to regulate muscle contraction, including the beating of the heart muscle.
  • Nature’s field mega calcium helps the enzymes in your body to work efficiently.
  • Mega Calcium is essential to the body as it processes breaking down and rebuilding of your bones.
  • Cunsuming of nature’s field mega calcium supplements helps treats and prevents hypocalcemia.
  • Nature’s Field Mega Calcium is effective for controlling high phosphate levels in the blood in people with kidney failure.
  • Mega calcium supplement  promotes strong bones for men and women

Why Is Nature’s Field Mega Calcium Supplement Essential To The Body?

Nature’s Field Mega Calcium supplement is essential to the body because it contains 800mg of Calcium as Calcium Carbonate which offers the highest amount of elemental Calcium. Each tablet of this product also contains other essential Vitamins.

Ingredients Of Nature’s Field Mega Calcium

There Key ingredients in Nature’s Field Mega Calcium are; Viamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese

Vitamin D (Ergocalciferol)

Vitamin D is found in foods and used as a dietary supplement. It prevents and treats vitamin D deficiency, and this vitamin D deficiency is due to poor absorption by the intestines or liver disease.

Vitamin D contains 400IU in nature’s field mega calcium. Your body needs the right amount of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus to build and keep your bones strong .

Vitamin D aids in treatment and prevention of bone disorders (such as rickets, osteomalacia).

Calcium (Calcium Carbonate)

This Ingredient contains 800mg in this supplement. Calcium Carbonate medically is used as a calcium supplement or as an antacid.

Magnesium (Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Aspartate)

This ingredient  is a mineral supplement, used to prevents and treats low amounts of magnesium in the blood. Magnesium treat symptoms of too much stomach acid like stomach upset,acid indigestion, and  heartburn.

Magnesium is very essential to your body as it helps in for functioning of cells, nerves, muscles, bones, and the heart. It contains 250mg in the supplement.

Zinc (Zinc Amino Acid Chelate)

10mg of zinc is contained in Nature’s field mega calcium supplement. Zinc helps in immunity, support the protein production, and also heal wounds faster.

Selenium (L-Selenomethione)

Selenium is an important trace mineral in the body that is a component of some proteins and is involved in it contains 50mcg of Selenium is in the supplement

Copper (Copper Amino Acid Chelate)

Chelated mineral supplements are minerals combined with amino acids. 1mg of copper is added to this supplement

Manganese (Manganese Amino Acid Chelate)

Manganese Amino Acid Chelate is composition of manganese and amino acid. Manganese helps the body in formation of clotting factors, connective tissue, sex hormones and bones.

It also helps to absorb calcium and metabolism of carbohydrate as well as fat. This supplement is 5mg in the product

The other ingredients include:

Stearic Acid

Stearic Acid is found in some animal and plant fats. It is the main component of cocoa butter and shea butter.

Microcrystalline Cellulose

Microcrystalline cellulose is known to be used  in the pharmaceutical industry. It is produced in a solid dose forms, such as tablets.

Croscarmellose Sodium

Croscarmellose Sodium helps reduces the effectiveness at high tablet hardness levels, and similar problems associated with other products developed to enhance drug dissolution.

It is a very commonly known to be used for pharmaceutical additive approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is found  in most dietary supplements.

Magnesium Stearate

This ingredient Is found in foods like; eggs, chicken, chess, chocolate, palm oil, coconut. Commonly added to foods for medication and vitamins.

Silicon Dioxide

This ingredient is also known as silica. It is a natural compound made of two of the earth’s most abundant materials, which are silicon (Si) and oxygen (O2).

This ingredient is naturally found  in water, plants, animals, and the earth.  It is is most often recognized in the form of quartz.

Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride is a mineral found in many foods and is needed for several functions of your body, especially the beating of your heart.

It is also used to prevent or to treat low blood levels of potassium (hypokalemia).

Pharmaceutical Glaze

When used this ingredient in foods and confections, it is also known as confectioner’s glaze, pure food glaze, natural glaze, or confectioner’s resin. When used on medicines, it is sometimes called pharmaceutical glaze.

Dosage Of  Nature’s Field Mega Calcium

Take two tables daily with enough water after food.


If  the bottle is already opened or seal is broken or missing do not buy or use it

Store in a cool, dry place

Take away from the reach of children

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Does Nature’s Field Mega Calcium Has Any Side Effect?

Nature filed Mega Calcium has no side effect

Where Can I Buy Nature’s Field Mega Calcium?

You can buy the Nature’s Field Mega Calcium at the official website of the company.


Nature’s Field Mega Calcium  is a dietary supplement that promotes strong bones for both men and women. Calcium is the primary mineral responsible to make your strong bones.

Mega Calcium provides daily to your body the necessary amount of calcium and other mineral, which include; magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium.


Nature's Field

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