Powerlife Kuding Tea

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Lowers blood sugar and Blood Pressure effectively

Normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure

Lowers Blood Fat and cholesterol

Treat stomach ache and pains; good for eliminating ulcer pains


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Powerlife Kuding Tea is the original Chinese Kuding Tea that is unprocessed and contains original ingredients to treat and control blood sugar permanently. It has other health benefits

Powerlife Kuding Tea Health Benefits

  • Prevents diarrhoea and digestion phlegm
  • Controls high blood sugar and diabetes
  • Prevents toothache and arthritis
  • Reduces Blood fat
  • Anti-oxidant and Inflammation
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Prevents itching and red eyes
  • Increases coronary blood flow
  • Reliefs headache and general body pains
  • Reduces dizziness, fatigue and fever
  • Prevents Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular diseases

A pack of this Kuding Tea contains 20 tea bags. Brew one tea bag a day.

Net Weight: 5g x 20 pieces

POWERLIFE DIABETES COMBO contains Multiple Stem Cell and Powerlife Kuding Tea

Where to Buy it

You can buy or purchase this kuding tea online at Kindy Stores





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