Swissgarde Memo Rite (Naturegarde Memo Rite)


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Swissgarde memo rite is a special natural supplement that enhances memory and concentration.  It is good for students and people suffering from low memory capabilities.

Benefits of Swissgarde Memo Rite

  • It nourishes the brain.
  • Prevent one from being forgetful and solve memory migraine problem.
  • Reduces stress
  • Prevent headache
  • Improves level intelligence.
  • Promotes concentration.


The primary ingredients of swissgarde memo rite  are; ginkgo biloba, amino acid, green tea, spirulina, ginger, sterols and sterolins.
1. Ginkgo Biloba: This is also called maidenhair tree, it is native to China that has been grown for thousands of years for a variety of health benefits. It is effective in treating mental health conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, and fatigue.
2. Amino Acid: Amino acid is very important in human’s life. It repairs body tissue, support healthy sleep and waking cycles, help Alzheimer’s patients with memory problems and provide a great benefit to people with early onset and a fast rate of the disease.
3. Green Tea: This is produced from unoxidized leaves and is one of the least processed types of tea. It contains antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. Most people in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine used green tea to control bleeding and heal wounds, aid digestion, improve heart and mental health, and regulate body temperature.
4. Spirulina: This is a potent source of nutrients. It is loaded with powerful plant-based protein called “phycocyanin” which contains antioxidant, pain-relief, anti-inflammatory, and brain-protective properties.

Dosage of Swissgarde Memo Rite

  • Take 2 capsules twice a day (morning and night) for effective result.


  • Contains 60 capsules in a bottle


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