Bioaqua Pure White Toothpaste



Bioaqua Pure White Toothpaste whitens the teeth and removes offensive mouth odour. Freshens breath, removes bad breath, removes tooth plaque, cares for gums, makes your smile more confident. Term of use: use before the date indicated on the packaging label Fresh breath. Fresh mint notes will freshen your breath and make your smile confident Care of tooth enamel. Delicate quality composition cares for the tooth enamel, strengthening it Gums protection. The toothpaste removes food remnants between teeth and cares for gums Teeth stains removal.

The amazing Bioaqua Pure White Toothpaste toothpaste removes from the teeth stains from tea, coffee, cigarettes, and other products. Confident smile with perfect teeth. Minty and fresh breath, healthy gums, and a confident smile Enamel care. Strong teeth. Plaque removal. Gum care. Natural and fresh breath, clean and strong teeth Professional gum care. Make your morning procedure really effective. Professional dental care for gums. Oral care complex. Strong teeth. Gently cleaning ingredients take care of the tooth enamel without damaging it, and the fluorine-containing components make the enamel more strong. Fresh breath. Natural extract of blue mint freshens breath, making it pleasant and clean.

Benefits of Bioaqua Pure White Toothpaste

  • Repairs oral ulcer, dispels mouth odour
  • Repairs sore gums
  • Good remedy for gingival swelling
  • Removes stubborn teeth stain

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