Fohow Toothpaste 140g

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This toothpaste can regulate oral health conditions from two directions and contains two effective ingredients to constrain the growth of bacteria.


Fohow toothpaste, the newest achievement of the Fohow Research Institute after decades of research and exploration, is a scientific combination of lucid ganoderma, cordyceps sinensis and a variety of natural plant extract solutions (such as plant glucoside and phenol).

Fohow toothpaste is a herbal toothpaste that can regulate oral health conditions from two directions and contains two effective ingredients to constrain the growth of bacteria.

Benefits of Fohow Toothpaste

The following are functions of this toothpaste;

1. Regulation in Two Directions

With obvious efficacy in regulating ‘in mouth’ conditions, lucid Ganoderma and cordyceps sinensis can fundamentally improve the oral environment.

2. Dual Effects in Eliminating Bacteria

Plant glucoside and phenol can restrain the growth of harmful bacteria, expel noxious protozoans and prevent the multiplication of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

3. Preventing Diseases and Strengthening Teeth

The essence of lucid ganoderma and cordyceps sinensis, as well as the ingredients from natural plants, can effectively prevent and improve diseases such as oral ulcers, swelling and aching of gums, periodontitis, gingival bleeding, bad breath, dental caries and so on.

4. Cleanses and Normalizes the Balance in the Oral Cavity. 

The essence of the toothpaste ingredients can clean away tooth deposits and prevent multiplication of microorganisms in the oral environment, resulting in the oral cavity being clean and the teeth healthy.

The Cordyceps extracts reduces harmful bacteria breeding and improves the condition of the teeth and gums. It also helps to eliminate the pain and inflammation in the teeth. Using this toothpaste will help to prevent tooth decay too.

5. Reduces the risk of Teeth Discoloration

The Sodium Phytate (a natural extract of rice bran) will slow down the oxidation process, protects the natural color of teeth, removes stains like wine, coffee, tea or nicotine plaque from teeth, reduces the risk of tartar formation and building up of plagues in the teeth.

6. Protects the Gums and Teeth Effectively

The natural extract of rice bran (Sodium Phytate) has an extensive cleaning effect, makes the teeth healthier and whiter.

7. Other Indication

When the mosquito bites relieves itching and inflammation of the tissues in frostbite and burns eliminates scars and scars; immediate action in inflammation of the throat and ulcers in the mouth, eliminating beriberi, pimples, prickly heat, etc.

Ingredients of Fohow Toothpaste

Fohow toothpaste can also be called Fohow Cordyceps Day and Night Toothpaste, because; its ingredients is sub-divided into two types with different compositions and functions to perform various actions and directional requirements of oral care in the morning and in the evening. The major ingredients composition of this toothpaste is Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps sinensis and other plant extract such as plant glycosides and phenols.

The Other ingredients are;

  • Extract of Japanese Honeysuckle
  • Extract of Scutellaria
  • Extract of Sarcandra
  • Extract of Ginseng.
  • Sodium Phytate (a natural extract of rice bran)

How to Use Fohow Toothpaste

Drop the paste noddle on your tooth brush, then brush your teeth generously with it, do this two times everyday, once in the morning and once in the evening after meals

Product Description

Fohow Toothpaste comes in two distinct flavors.

These are;

  1. Peppermint Flavor
  2. Fruit Flavor

1. Peppermint Flavor

It can also be called morning toothpaste, because; when you brush with it in the morning, it give will you that fresh and clean feeling that you need all day long, and a healthy, whiter, stronger smile to boost your confidence.

2. Fruit Flavor

This is also called evening toothpaste.

The fruit flavor has the following extra functions;

  • It reduces swelling and itching from mosquito bites
  • It is also used in the treatment of scalding and  frost bite and will not leave any scar on you.
  • It reduces sore throat
  • It treats acne, prickly heat and beri beri
  • It treats hemorrhoids also.

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