Natural Seaweed Toothpaste


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Natural Seaweed Toothpaste protects gum and enamel, eliminates tooth infection, removes stubborn stains and whitens the teeth. It removes mouth odour (halitosis) with consistent usage.

Health Benefits of Natural Seaweed Toothpaste

  • It prevents tooth infection.
  • Promotes a healthy gum.
  • It gives the teeth a white colouration and removes stubborn stains such as coffee stains, tea stains etc from the teeth
  • It refreshes the mouth 24/7 and prevents tooth decay

Net wet is 120g

Brush two times daily with clean water.

What is the Price of Natural Sea-weed Toothpaste

The best and affordable price for this product is available.

Where to buy Natural Sea-weed Toothpaste

This product is available here at Kindy Stores.





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