Fohow Cudan Power Liquid PRO


Fohow  Cudan Power  Liquid is a traditional health care product with thousands of years of wisdom in China. It is a treasure of TCM diet therapy.


Fohow  Cudan Power Liquid pro is a traditional health care product with thousands of years of wisdom in China. It is a treasure of TCM diet therapy. It definitely solve sickness and bring health to countless people.

Tianjin Fohow Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. inherited thousands of ancient prescriptions, based on the folk vinegar and chicken egg recipes, through innovation and improvement, added Cordyceps militaris and Fohow’s exclusive secret herbal recipe, the three methods are integrated, and successfully developed the magical Cudan Power Liquid.

Benefits of Fohow Cudan Power Liquid Pro

  • Nourish and protects the liver
  • Promote fat metabolism
  • Lowers blood fat and blood pressure
  • Prevent cold
  • Alleviate alcohol and protect the stomach
  • Help digestion
  • Loss of appetite and insomnia
  • Eliminate Rheumatism, gout and constipation


The three primary ingredients are; Black rice vinegar, egg and honey.

Chinese medicine believes that vinegar is warm, sour and bitter , and has the effects of appetizing and nourishing liver, dispelling silt and relieving pain. Vinegar can reduce swelling, disperse moisture, kill evil spirits, and treat all kinds of medicine;

Eggs are sweet in taste and have the functions of nourishing Qi, nourishing yin and reducing shock.

Honey is sweet and flat, can nourish and moisturize, relieve pain and detoxify.

The three combination can nourish Yin and liver, promote fat metabolism, and nourish the appetite. Practice has proved that in addition to the four main functions of lowering blood fat and blood pressure, beauty and weight loss, preventing colds, alleviating alcohol and protecting the stomach, vinegar and egg liquid can also help digestion, protect the liver, soften blood vessels, strengthen the brain and improve the intelligence, loss of appetite and insomnia, Rheumatism, gout, constipation and major diseases and intractable diseases have good therapeutic effects and are highly praised by medical experts .


The product is kept fresh by high temperature sterilization, with a shelf life of 15 months, refreshing and mellow, easier to absorb, easy to carry, and can be consumed directly.



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