Natural Tea Tree Oil for Piercings


Ever thought about using Tea Tree Oil for Piercings complications?

Apart from using tea tree oil for treating acne, athlete foot, lice or even as an antibacterial handwash; tea tree oil can also be used for treating complications associated with piercings.

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca oil) is derived from the leaves of the tea tree Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia plant. It is popularly known to contain Terpinen -4-ol, a substance which aide in removing bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti- fungal, antiseptic properties of the tea tree oil has made it a remedy for treating piercing infections or injuries.

The Melaleuca Alternifolia plant should not be confused for Camellia Sinensis (a plant where leaves for making black and green teas are obtained).

Tea tree oil isn’t from the same plant source where black and green teas are derived.

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Why Use Tea Tree Oil for piercings

People who pierce their skin most times experience skin irritation, infection, swelling, itchiness, redness of the pierced skin and even oral infection at the body parts that has been pierced. For those affected, it is possible to use tea tree oil for treatment.

When applied to the affected skin, it helps heal the scar or injury. One important fact to know about the usage of tea tree oil for piercing is that it can’t be used for all piercing injury.

Are you surprised? Tea tree oil cannot be used for oral complications arising from piercing. One can use an alcohol-free antiseptic mouth wash or a saline solution for that but definitely not tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is considered dangerous when ingested into the mouth. It is advisable to visit a health expert if the injury is serious.

Effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil

People are different, hence the effectiveness of the oil will vary from person to person. It might not work for most people as skin irritation may occur when applied to the affected part.

How it reacts to the skin will determine if one should discontinue usage or not.

For most people, tea tree oil worked effectively in healing the piercing injury.


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Guidelines for Proper Usage

Full knowledge for applying tea tree oil on piercings is very important. It is essential to know that during application of the oil, it should be diluted with a a carrier.

Tea tree oil for piercings is natural and as such very sensitive to the skin. It also comes in two forms; diluted and undiluted.

For those diluted tea tree oil for piercings, it is advisable to mix it with a carrier (preferably Coconut, Almond or Olive oil). Before application, one can test it reaction on the skin before directly applying it.

A little drop on your skin to check it reaction can be helpful in order to ensure that there won’t be damage when applied.

Most people use a cotton swab to wipe the mixture around the affected part while others use their hands to gently rub it on the skin.

Whichever method is to be used, do not use materials (like tissue)that can stick to the injury surface. Also, wash your hands before and after usage.

Duration of use

Tea Tree Oil for piercings can be applied to affected skin part two times a day.

If after several days there is no improvement on the injury, then discontinue using it and seek help from a medical expert.

Possible Side Effects of using Tea Tree Oil

A hundred percent safety application of Tea Tree Oil to a piercing injury cannot be guaranteed. As earlier stated, skin irritation or allergy, might occur.

The skin may respond negatively to it. So observation is very necessary when using it in order to know when to stop or not.

Additional uses of Tea Tree oil

1. Tea tree oil is used for treating acne.

2. It is used as a healing ointment.

3. For treating cuts, wounds or injury.

4. Can be used as an antibacterial handwash or sanitizer.

5. It is also helpful for treating athlete foot (a condition caused by one or another of a group of parasitc fungi which almost always attack the skin of the feet) and ringworm.

6. Used as a pest and insect control – A drop of the tree oil can be applied to places at home to get rid of household pest.

7. Tea tree oil is used to treat lice, dandruff and also enhance the scalp of the hair. (Remember it will be necessary to dilute it. You also need to apply a little amount to the hair scalp for some hours to check if irritation occurs).

8. Used also as a household cleanser.


If tea tree oil for piercings doesn’t work after continual use or you notice an irritation in the affected area, then it’s advisable to discontinue use and talk to a medical expert for possible solutions to the piercing injury.