Vigor Chocolate

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Vigor chocolate is a dark chocolate sex enhancement supplement, fortified with unique plant based product, with no documented side effects.

What is Vigor Chocolate?

This is a very powerful sexual enhancement pill in the form of a dark chocolate bar. It is fortified with natural plant based products typically used as sexual stimulants for men with low libido, erectile dysfunction, and for high sexual performance.
This 25mg flavoured chocolate aphrodisiac does not serve a primary purpose of eating, but as an enhancement for natural sex drive and increased sex stimulant.
Vigor chocolate is a sex enhancement product that fulfils your desires to last longer in bed.

Action Principle/ How It Works

Vigor chocolate booster, just like any others sex booster, works on the principle of relaxation and contraction. It simulates the flow of blood around the male sex organ.
This smooth circulation of blood is achieved as the smooth muscles of the arteries which supply blood to the penis, relaxes by the action of nerve impulse.
The relaxation of this muscle, causes the penis to become hard and erect.
After orgasm or ejaculation, the blood returns back for general circulation and the penis returns to its soft and tender state.

Vigor Chocolate Ingredients And Functions

The functional role played by each of this major plant based elements s responsible for the satisfactory sexual experience achieved while using this product. They include;
  • Hazelnut increases the production of nitric acid, leading to stronger erection.
  • Ginger is responsible for the smooth flow f blood to the genitals
  • Sesame seed is a major source of vitamin E
  • Soy lecithin is responsible for alleviating depression, a major cause of low libido in men
  • Ginseng is responsible for revitalising the body, reproduction of sperm, increased sperm count and gives an increased sexual stimulation.
  Other ingredients include; coco butter, coco powder, sugar and vanilla aroma.

What does Vigor Chocolate do?

  1. Produces better and Fuller orgasm
  2. 100% Natural plant based product
  3. Produces seemingly enhanced and never ending sexual experience
  4. Vigor chocolate Bar improves sexual arousal.


Vigor chocolate bar is the most effective libido boosting choice for men all over the world. This chocolate bar is as sweet as chocolate and still is very reliable in  boosting sexual prowess in men.
The bar, works by greatly increasing your natural sex drive and heightens your sexual sensations; these results to a better and fuller orgasm which leaves you and your partner testifying and confessing the unending, improved, sweet and satisfactorily sexual experience.

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