Double Plus Cang Zhu

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Double Plus Cang Zhu is a health product that is formulated to be used as a disinfectant and an antibiotic. Its main ingredient includes Cang Zhu also known as Atractylodes,  a well known medicinal herb used in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Features of Double Plus Cang Zhu

  • Contains a set of two quantum pet bottles (2 replaceable bottles that can be used as quantum water spray bottles when finished).

Benefits of Double Plus Cang Zhu

  • Treats various inflammations, itching (trichomoniasis (STD), fungal vaginitis, cervical erosion) for men and women’s private parts.
  • Heals human mucosal tissues like oral ulcers (mouth sores), sore gums, bad breath, pharyngitis (sore throat) and rhinitis (nasal inflammation).
  •  Can be used as a disinfectant to prevent bacteria and infection in children, sterilize children toys, pacifiers and other children’s supplies.
  • For sterilization of household items, including mobile phones, bowls, refrigerators, kitchen utensils, toilets.
  • Effective for hand use.
  • 100% effective and 24 hours long-effect and extensive sterilization.

Active Ingredient of Double Plus Cang Zhu


Atractylodes is a group of flowering plants native to eastern Asia. Its roots are used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Atractylodes contains chemicals that might help with digestion and reduce pain and swelling. It also contains chemicals that might prevent cancer cells from growing.
People use atractylodes for stomach pain, common cold, lung cancer, obesity, and many other conditions.

How to use Double Plus Cang Zhu

  • Spray directly onto the affected area.

Precautions and Side Effects

  • Keep product away from children.
  • Check in with a qualified healthcare professional before using this product.

What is the Price of Double Plus Cang Zhu

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Where to buy Double Plus Cang Zhu

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Double Plus

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