Edmark Bubble C (20 Sachets)


Key features
  • Contains vitamic C, fortified with calcium
  • It’s made from real oranges
  • Enhanced wtih natural colouring
  • Safe for all sweetener


Edmark Bubble C 20 sachet Refresh your body with every cool glass of Bubble C energize your health with real Vitamin C and Calcium goodness burst into bubbly fun and stride forward into the exciting day ahead.
A refreshing instant orange beverage loaded with natural Vitamin C and Calcium that gives you refreshing energy in every bubbly burst.
Every glass is loaded with Vitamin C that is equivalent to that of three fresh oranges.

Edmark Bubble C Benefits

Contains vitamin C

Helps increase the body’s natural collagen production which enhances skin complexion and protects hair from damage.
Aids in better iron and nutrient absorption by the body. Regenerates anti-oxidant like Vitamin E thus preventing cancer and heart disease.
Fortified with Calcium
Energizes the body by boosting metabolism to aid in slimming. Helps in forming bones, teeth, and muscles, and also in repairing blood vessels and connective tissues.
Made from real Oranges
Bubble C is made from natural spray-dried orange juice concentrate, effectively boosting the immune system to fight colds and infection.
Enhanced with Natural Colouring
The orange color of Bubble C is enhanced with natural coloring from Carotene, the pigment that gives carrots its bright orange color.
Safe for all sweetener
Sweetened by natural fructose which does not raise blood sugar levels. Safe for those with diabetes.
The Benefits of Vitamin C From young growing active kids to the elderly, everybody needs optimum amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water-soluble anti-oxidant vitamin. It is important in forming collagen, a protein that gives structure to bones, cartilage, muscle, blood vessels, and skin.
Fruits and vegetables like oranges, broccoli, spinach, berries, and watermelon are rich sources of Vitamin C. The recommended amount of Vitamin C for most people is 60mg. Bubble C offers you far above the recommended amount towards an optimum level in order to maximize the inherent benefits of Vitamin C.


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