Fohow Xue qing fu Capsules (Blood Cleanser)

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Benefits of Fohow Xueqingfu Capsules

  • Highly Efficacious antioxidant
  • Very good effect on hypertension
  • Improves the immune System
  • Gives a good result on High Blood pressure, blood sugar
  • Efficient Scavenging of free Radicals
  • Prevent more than 70 kinds of disease
  • Amenorrhea


Fohow Xue qing fu Capsules is a product of FOHOW health products limited, also called the ultimate Defensor of health and scavenger of blood vessels in Chinese.

Fohow Blood Cleaner Capsule is to widen the blood vessels. It also softens the exterior blood vessel: Contains OPC which is an antioxidant, 50 times stronger than vitamin E, and 20 times more than vitamin C.

It is both the cleansing series and a regulatory series The mixture is a successful result from a long period of research and study of natural Chinese medicines by the team of experts at Fohow Group Inc. The curative effects are actually magical.

It relieves stress and fatigue, strengthens muscles, refreshes body and promotes youthfulness, promotes brain the functions, and cleanses digestive and the reproductive system.

Fohow Xue qing fu Capsules has curative effect on hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart diseases, hyperglycemia and strokes.

It dissolves blood clots and soften the blood vessels, prevent high blood sugar, eliminate thrombus, protect liver and prevent sclerosis. High efficient antioxidant which prevent symptoms of menopause and aging, strengthens the immune system and prolong life.

Health Benefit of Fohow Xue qing fu (Blood Cleanser) Capsules

  • Highly efficacious antioxidant
  • Very good effect on hypertension
  • Improves the immune System
  • Gives a good result on high blood pressure, blood sugar
  • Efficient Scavenging of free Radicals
  • Prevent more than 70 kinds of disease
  • Amenorrhea
  • Eliminates thrombus
  • Restores flexibility and softness of blood vessels.
  • Helps to dissolve blood lipids
  • Prevents and treats diabetes.
  • Protects the liver, prevents and fights cirrhosis.
  • Prevents and treats constipation.
  • Prevents the formation of cancers and tumors.
  • It serves as a potent blood detoxifier
  • It helps weight loss when over weight and aids the absorption of necessary minerals to improve weight, if underweight.

Ingredients of Fohow Xue qing fu Capsules

1. Natto kinase: Natto is made by fermenting boiled soybeans with beneficial bacteria. The Bacillus subtilis or natto. The resulting natto kinase enzyme intensively increases and synthesizes, providing the beneficial qualities of natto.

Many people all over the world who regularly take the popular anticoagulants – aspirin and its analogs – suffer from bleeding, especially in the digestive tract.

Natto kinase is a safer and most effective remedy. Unlike aspirin and other pharmacological products, natto kinase has no side effects and causes no allergic reactions. In fact it is a natural alternative to aspirin, when used to treat and prevent heart and blood vessel diseases.

2. Grape Stone Extract: It is rich in natural bioflavonoids, such as proanthocyanins and catechins, and a source of irreplaceable fatty acids and vitamins. This entire complicated and balanced bio complex works positively on the organism, mostly on the heart and circulatory systems.

Bioflavonoids are also known for the P-vitamin, which regenerates, slows the aging processes, resists the development of inflammations and neutralizes free radicals. Grapes stones is packed with polyunsaturated acids, which activate lipid circulation and restore the skin’s barrier functions.

Polyphenols increase blood vessel elasticity and tonicity, effectively prevent atherosclerosis and hypertonic disease and have an anti-inflammation, detoxification and antiallergenic effect.

3. Gynostemma Pentaphyllum:  This help in achieving a substantial healing effect in cases of heart and blood vessel diseases, in cases of arterial hypertonia, oncological diseases and AIDS.

Dosage Fohow Blood Cleanser Capsules

Take Fohow Xueqingfu 3 capsules twice a day, wash down with warm water.


Store this blood cleanser in a cool dry place and keep out of reach of children.

Where To Buy Fohow Xue qing fu Capsules

You can place an order to buy this blood cleanser from the official website of the company.


In conclusion, this blood cleanser capsule, called Fohow Xueqingfu Capsules has supernatural effect on high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, stroke sequela, climacteric syndrome and anti-aging. Blood cleanser is a novel proof of the efficacy of Chinese traditional medicine.




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