Exercise: Types & its Health Benefits to the Body


Regular exercise has to do with subjecting parts of the body to routine movements. It can be on daily or weekly basis.

Exercise is one of the essential activities that helps to keep the human body active and flexible. Exercise has been used in many cases to replace drugs and various medicines.

Regular exercise tends to stimulate the body immune system which gives it the ability to fight diseases and infections in the body.

The sweat and other liquid that is released through the sweat pores and other openings in the body contains chemical substances which would have been harmful to the body.

Exercise reduces the body risk of contracting disease by 60% and can reduce up to 2 dozens physical and mental health problems.

Exercise is not limited to any class of human or age because most people usually the aged men will say that they have pass the stage of doing exercise. This is a very wrong idea about exercise. Exercise can help in keeping cells in the body of aged men and women active.

However, regular exercise to keep the body active does not really have to do with engaging in tough and hard activities. Exercise to sustain a good health has to do with your ability to move various parts of the body to release some chemicals or liquid. The sweat that comes out from the body during exercise contains microorganisms and bacterial as well as parasites which can subject the body to different kinds of sicknesses.

People who do exercise are likely to develop less disease than people that do not engage in exercise activities.

Moreover, daily exercise helps to keep one fit, happy and healthy. Most people have a tight schedule on daily basis and they are less likely to have time on daily basis to exercise the body. For such persons, it is not bad to engage a one hour active exercise on weekly basis mostly during the weekend. You can do this with your family, go out for a walk, jog, or to the gym, go to a fitness hall or field or with some group of persons to avoid getting tired and always spice up your exercise with some musicals.

Various forms of exercise includes jumping, jogging, swimming, press up, sit ups, dancing etc.

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Common Types of Daily Exercise you Should do 

Hip Bridge

How to perform hip bridge:

Put your back on the floor and lie straight

Raise your toe and balance on the floor

Raise your body such that only your head and your heel remain on the floor.

Allow your body to remain in that position for up to 5 minutes before you release

Repeat the process up to 3 times minimum.

The heels absorbs all the body weight and the lower back absorbs more pressure. When the toe is suspended on the floor the hangstrim and the glutes engage and help to elongate the hips as the body direction changes.

Sit Up

This is another body friendly exercise that can be done on daily basis. How to do sit up exercise;

Sit on the floor and stretch your leg

Put your hands on your head

Hang your leg on a support to hold it.

Move your body up and down as many times as possible


The Plank

How to perform the plank exercise.

Put your arms on the floor

Stretch your leg and let the tip of your toe touch the ground

Raise your body to be in a plank position.

The plank helps in stabilizing the rib cage and gluteo hip


Squatting is a normal body position we do often. Balancing the foot and suspending the body weight on it keeps the chest high and the back straight. It helps to keep the knee joints flexible and support active motion. Squatting gives shape to the body.

Thirty (30) minutes of daily work outs


Six (6) Daily Warm up Exercises you Should not Avoid

Engaging in little warm up exercise for up to 30 minutes helps to promoting good and sound health. Below are the primary warm up exercise that you can perform before going out for your daily activities.

1. Arm circles: This is done by stretching the arms and turning the body from left to right

2. Butterfly motion:

This is performed by opening the legs wide, stretch one side of your hand and raise it up diagonally and bend from side to side just the way butterfly does.

3. Perform static stretch with the arm, leg as well as back stretch and try stretching the entire body too. Stretching helps to stimulate growth.

4. Twist your upper body by placing your hands the hips and moving the upper body from left to right and from right to left repeatedly and also bending from up to down also try turning the body in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

5. Also perform the jumping jacks. Fix yourself in a position and jump up and down and as you jump, stretch out your hands.

6. Perform multiple squats.

Six Steps to a 30 minutes Daily Warm up Exercise

This six warm up exercises listed above can be combined to give a satisfactory daily warm up exercise within thirty minute below are the steps to follow:

  1. Begin your daily exercise with a static stretch, stretch the arms, legs and all part of the body in the first 3 minutes
  2. After proper stretching, perform arm circle motion in for 5 minutes
  3. Next, you go into a butterfly motion or yoga for the next 5 minutes
  4. After the butterfly motion twist your upper body as seen in 4 above and do this for 5 minutes.
  5. Continue your exercise by performing the jumping jack for 3 minutes
  6. Finally, conclude your exercise for the morning with 90 squats in the remaining 9 minutes,

You can divide it into 30 squats in every 3 minute, take a rest and do the next one. Do this until you are soaked with sweat.

Ten (10) Health Benefits of Exercise

  1. Exercise helps to fight chronic diseases in the body. When the body relaxes at all times bacteria and parasites are liable to move freely and grow but regular exercise hinders the movement and growth of these parasites inhibiting their effects in the body. Study shows that exercise prevents colon cancer by 20%, sweat that is released when your body is exercised helps to prevent malaria.
  2. It boost a good sexual performance in both men and women
  3. Regular exercise helps the body to produce high level of antioxidants which helps in building an healthy skin.
  4. It helps to prevent mental disorders, it  improves blood flow to the brain and helps to keep the brain healthy and also keeps one memory active.
  5. Daily work out helps to improve one’s mood and decreases various psychological and emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, it also helps to do away with negative thoughts.
  6. Exercise as a very good energy booster therefore giving more strength to carry out your daily activities efficiently.
  7. It involves moving the body and the joints to make it more flexible and stronger, this also helps in pain relieve.
  8. It is also another agent for a good and sound sleep which helps to relax the body.
  9. Regular exercise helps to burn fat in the body thereby preventing fatigue as well as obesity.
  10. It also gives shape to the body.

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