Vaginne Product (Refreshing Intimate Gel)

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Vaginne product (refreshing intimate gel) is a natural plant extract with no essence and artificial fragrance but essential oil that keep you refreshed all day long. It eradicates bad bacteria, protects good bacteria and enhances self cleaning defense mechanism in the vagina by regulating the proper pH in the vagina.

Not harmful to vagina mucosa and epithelial cells. Rather, it restores good health to epithelial cells. This intimate gel moisturizes and repairs vaginal tissue which help in tightening the vagina and also contains pheromones which help in attraction.

It uniquely safeguard and reestablish female intimate health. This product uses an ultra-modern tube based antibacterial gel with a healing plants extract to put the splendid grin back on the face of a caring woman.

Vaginne product (refreshing intimate gel) is mainly used by women from puberty to menopausal stage. The bioactive ingredients is mellow and non-invigorate, perfect and simple to use. The regular use of this product will help to restore and maintain the proper level of hydration of the mucous membranes of the intimate area internally and externally for the whole day.

Benefits of Vaginne Product (Refreshing Intimate Gel)

  • Moisturizes the intimate area
  • Tighten the vagina
  • Improves sex life by eliminating  bad odor and you a natural vaginal scent.
  • Eradicate STDs and other vagina infections like Gardnerella vaginalis 
  • Restores vaginal pH of 3.5-4.4
  • Get rid of menstrual odor and pains
  • Enhances vaginal wall elasticity
  • Repairs epithelial tissue
  • Prevent bad bacteria and strengthen good microbes


The natural ingredients are;

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Polysaccharides
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol) 100% natural essential oils
  • Seaweed extract: Study shows it has activity on Gardnerella vaginalis
  • Antibacterial and immune peptide
  • Lactic Acid (Organic Acids)
  • Natural Essential Oil
  • Vaginne Patent

How to Use Vaginne Product (Refreshing Intimate Gel)

1. Remove the cover and bring out the lid at the back.

2. Put the tube to 3 centimeters and use the cover to push the gel into the vagina

3. Lie with your back on the bed for 10 minutes.

4. Allow the gel stay in your vagina for eight hours.

5. Use each tube once a day for 2 weeks and wait for a whole week and begin use after every 2 days for a maximum result.

6. Best use at bedtime

How Vaginne Product (Refreshing Intimate Gel) Works

The gel works by going directly to the vagina to balance and maintain the health of the vagina. It effectively treat vagina infections such as; bacterial vaginosis (BV) and vaginal candidiasis


Contains six (6) tubes per pack and 2 packs of 12 tubes are recommended for full treatment.

Side Effects

It is made from natural ingredients. Therefore, no side effect.


  • Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Do not use during menstruation.
  • You can have sex with it.

Suitable For

Adult (women)

Where to Buy

Order vaginne product (refreshing intimate gel) online on Kindy Stores at affordable price.


Vaginne ® Refreshing Intimate Gel product is an insertion product that enables every woman to experience comfort and natural cleanliness in their most intimate parts. Vaginne contains natural plant essential oil that keeps you refreshed all day.

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