Longrich Snake Oil

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Longrich Snake Oil is traditionally used as a massage oil and purgative. It can relieve aching muscles and minor skin ache, it moisturises the skin and also clears stretch marks. It is also suitable for cracked heel and cures dandruff.

Snake oil which is one of Longrich Products, is derived from the fat of the Chinese water snake, although there are other snake oils made from boa constrictors, sea snakes, and other species. This fat is processed and refined into a concentrated oil that possesses high levels of an omega-3 fatty acid named eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which has been directly linked to a number of benefits for human health.

Benefits of Longrich Snake Oil

  • Reduces inflammation and relieve pains
  •  Speeds up healing of wounds
  • Glows, moisturizes skin and evens skin tone
  • Can remove scars and stretch marks
  • Anti-dandruff, moisturizes
  • Clears dry and itchy scalp
  • Grows and repairs damaged hair

How to Use Longrich Snake Oil

Pour it into your palm and rub it at the affected areas.

A bottle of Snake Oil goes for 14500 on Kindy Stores

Note; the snake oil is not edible

What is the Price of Longrich Snake Oil in Nigeria

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Where to buy Longrich Snake Oil

This product is available here at Kindy Stores.




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